Gisele Bündchen Shares Thoughts About ‘Being Healthy’ Post Tom Brad Divorce

Gisele Bündchen thought about what “being healthy” means to her personally. The 42-year-old model posted a photo of herself practicing yoga on the beach to Instagram. She discussed health and how it entails one’s emotions in the caption.

“More than a healthy diet and exercise are necessary to be healthy. It concerns our behaviors, attitudes, feelings, and beliefs “the supermodel from Brazil wrote. Remember that the sun rises every day, giving us a fresh chance to start again and do better, even when life is difficult.

In addition, she gave advice on how to handle “heated” situations by emphasizing the value of mindfulness.


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“There can be a lot of noise outside, and it can get stressful. The key is awareness. What energy are you fostering?” She went on. “Remember, what we believe we create! We are co-creators of our own world!”

Internet users’ reactions to Bündchen’s post were conflicting. The fact that the celebrity is a millionaire made some people doubt her ability to understand the problems of others. Others, however, brought up her ex-husband Tom Brady in the conversation.

“Even though I generally support spreading optimism, I’m not sure that you make the best representation of what happens when “life gets difficult.” ‘Creating’ is simple when you have money. When you have money, it is simple to wash away difficulties by practicing yoga on a private beach. Several people lack the same luck “One responded.

“I concur with everything, but please refrain from returning with Brady! You don’t deserve him “another composed. “She still has Brady’s love. For her, Brady took a new retirement. She won’t be getting back with him, hence Brady will remain unmarried for the rest of his life “Another user asserted.

Brady and Bündchen made the decision to end their 13-year marriage. There were speculations that his choice to come out of retirement caused marital conflict. Fans were startled when the former celebrity couple revealed on October 28, 2022, that they had recently finalized their divorce, despite the fact that they had avoided addressing the relationship rumors for months.

On February 1, Brady made his second retirement announcement and stated, “It’s for good.” Following their breakup, Bündchen continued her modeling career. The two ex-couples, who have children together (Benjamin, 13, and Vivian, 10) still get along. Even better, the model responded positively to Brady’s news of his retirement.

With a prayer emoji, Bündchen added, “Wishing you only beautiful things in this new chapter of your life. John Edward, a 15-year-old boy that Brady and his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan share, is also Brady’s child.